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Classroom Photos!!!!

 I finally got to take some photos of my room today!  Huge thank you to my mom who came to visit for a week in May and helped me get my room 99% ready!  

You can see the door at the very left of the this picture.  I am going to clockwise around my room.  The four section whiteboard will hold the four spelling lists for my four spelling groups (Words Their Way).  In the middle is my SMARTBoard. In the foreground of the photo you can see a cart with cords, speakers, and a mini whiteboard.  The cart will hold my laptop, projector, and document camera.  To the right of my SMARTBoard is a bookshelf holding supplies.  The T.V. is going to be taken down since I have a SMARTBoard and the shelf is going to be turned against that wall.  Behind this shelf is another whiteboard so that I still have a little whiteboard room if I need it.

Pretty baskets holding supplies. Uh oh I just saw the two blue baskets on the second shelf.  That will get changed the next time I go in.  Sorry OCD is kicking in.

Morning Meeting board.  The skinny pocket chart will hold our schedule and the empty pocket chart to the right will hold our essential questions for each subject.  You can also see our computer center. 

Next to the Morning Meeting board is our Word Wall and Word Work center.

The Word Wall is in the corner of our room and this cabinet meets up with the Word Wall.  It holds my borders and all of our math manipulatives.  On the front we will keep track of our sight word and math fact mastery.  Kiddos can earn stickers to track their progress.  Next to this is a big set of drawers that holds all of my decorations for each holiday and our classroom mailboxes on top.

Next to the set of drawers are two tables of desks.  You can see my tool-turnabouts with their supplies.  There is a third set of desks to the right of this picture.

Each set of desks has a set of shelves at the end to hold their supplies.  The top shelf will hold their folders, mini trashcan (the blue bucket) and a box of tissues.  The next shelf has their browsing boxes (books that are at their independent level).  The bottom shelf has their math toolkits, base-10 boxes, and letter boxes for making words.

Next to the desks is the only bookshelf in my room where books can actually stand up.  On the top shelf are my file folder games neatly organized by category.  On the next shelf down are my binders which will be labeled before school starts. The next shelf has the students math binders on the left (labeled with their student number) and then our classroom library.  I will be hitting up another used book sale in August. :-) The bottom shelf has the Leap Pad materials, books that don't fit into categories and then more books neatly sorted.

File Folder Games

Classroom Library Bins

 Coming around the corner you will find our focus walls.  These are dry erase boards which will hold our essential questions, anchor charts, sample foldables, vocabulary, etc.  Oh and in the bottom right corner you can see my cute rugs from Walmart and some pillows in the our classroom library.  In the foreground you can see the drawers of markers.  I saw lots of teachers on Pinterest who sort their markers by color so I thought I would try it out and see what the fuss is about.  The two sets of little drawers hold the skinny markers and the big set of drawers holds the regular markers.

Guided Reading Table 
(The blank focus wall will be for science and social studies. I just need to find letters to put up there.)

Guided Reading Bins
(No, there is not a specific reason that B, C, H, and K have orange letters.  The pack of black letters only has one of each of those and they were left at the "private" school that I was at previously.  I just need to find another pack of letters.  The red bin is currently holding my sight word photo albums which will be handed out as soon as the kiddos get there.  The black tool-turnabout is mine and will be a "teacher touch" only so the kiddos keep their grubby paws off. :-) You can also see my Buzz! games and Power Towers on the bottom shelf.  Duct tape is so much fun!

Writing Center and Writing Focus Wall
(All of the junk on the table is going to storage as soon as the janitor figures out where that "storage" is going to be. And please excuse the ceiling tiles in the corner.  They are trying to figure out how to hang our projectors from the ceiling so that we don't have to orient our SMARTBoard every 2 seconds.)  The sorting bins will hold my copies for the week.  I highly recommend this method of organization.  It is so nice to just grab what you need and go.  The cabinet at the right of the picture will hold our clothespin chart and library card pouches.  The library pouches will hold the tickets my kiddos earn for good behavior.  When they earn 20 tickets they get a prize.

Well that's it...any tips or suggestions?


  1. Love how organized your classroom is. I walked into mine after five weeks and have no idea exactly where anything is going to go. :(


    1. Our rooms are tiny and each wall is filled with something, either whiteboards, the smartboard, bulletin boards, or windows, so I don't have many options. :-)

  2. Hi,
    I am a new follower of yours and I have nominated you for a blog award! Come on over and pick it up!
    Corinna :)

    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  3. I love classroom photos! You have great organization! I'm a new follower!

    Strive to Sparkle


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