Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Common Core

This is sort of a rant...why is everyone so obsessed with Common Core?  Yes, I know the standards are "new." But, for 99.9% of the teaching population who has been doing their job, they aren't new at all.  It's the same thing you've been doing all along, just worded differently.  Honestly, I think they are pretty straight forward.

No, they are not perfect. Yes, I believe there are holes, like not having any standards about money in first grade and yet they need to be doing multiplication by the end of second grade.  Do "they" truly think that we are not going to tell our kids that 2:25 exists on the clock? Honestly though, it's a start.  We had to start somewhere.

It just boggles my mind.  Blogs created specifically for the common core, workshops for creating common core based lessons, etc.  Common core isn't a new way of teaching.  The standards are there as a tool, the way you teach it is up to you.

My recommendation is to sit down and really read the standards.  Start with the grade below yours and read all the way up through the grade above yours.  Read straight across the page, not one grade and then another.  Look at how they transition from grade to grade and progressively get more in depth.  The more you read them the more comfortable you will become.  Don't scrap your lessons and start over.  Look at your lessons and find the standards that go with them.  I guarantee you, you will cover more standards in your lessons that you think.  The majority of the speaking and listening section is covered everyday on your carpet, I guarantee it.  Honestly, I believe that's probably the average first grade teacher's strongest section of the standards.  We should strive to cover all of the other areas as thoroughly as we typically cover that one.

I believe it's the concept of "change" that has everyone freaked out more than the actual standards.

Ok, my rant is over.  I'm sorry, I'm normally the uptight one, but seeing everyone else stressing online is what is making me uptight right now. :-)


  1. That's funny, I didn't even know people are stressing out about it? :-) I think people just want to make sure they are on top of things. The common core moves a lot of the skills around. I know that what a lot of what I used to teach in 5th grade math, I taught to my 4th graders last year. Also, I think a lot of people want to create new items to sell in their shops, and there really are some great units designed around the common core out there. Have a good night!

  2. I think some of the stress is dependent upon your district and your administrator. My principal is AMAZINGly understanding and extends a great deal of professional TRUST in all of us. She's a keeper!!

    But, I've nominated you for an award! I didn't know how to grab your "button", but check out my blog for the details.

    Grade Three is the Place for Me

  3. I agree with you on reading across the page instead of by grade level. I think maybe it is more prevalent now than before because so many states adopted the common core where as before everyone went by their own sets of standards.
    I also agree with Janis that it depends on your district. I know some places that went full adoption of the CCSS and others that are slowly integrating and phasing out their old State Standards.
    Our district created their own website called and they have gone through with a team of teachers to unwrap the standards and have a place where all teachers could post resources. I find it's a great place to go with my 1st grade team so we are all teaching all of the aspects/ depth of the standards.
    I view the common core as my "Must Do's" and then things like money, ABC order, and other things as my "May Do's"

    Have a great day!