Friday, July 27, 2012


Talk to me about consequences in your room...What happens when Johnny has to move his clothespin, turn a card etc.

I am not a fan of taking away recess due to their need to expel energy and unless I sacrifice my lunch there is no way to enforce them walking/running laps.  I need some new ideas for my little firsties!

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  1. My school is trying to get to the next level of a physical fitness grant, and part of that includes not doing laps or other physical activity as punishment. I also don't want them to miss recess, because half the time it's the excess energy that caused the problem in the first place and they need to have a way to release it! So, instead, I try to give logical consequences right at the moment of the offense. Sometimes, just clipping down to yellow is consequence enough - it's a warning and the child reins himself in and gets back on track. If not, then I might try having the child go sit at the table by himself if he keeps calling out at carpet, for example. If he's being destructive with toys or supplies then he is removed from that activity for a while. If she isn't getting along with friends then she moves away from them while they continue their activity etc. I really suggest reading Love & Logic by Jim Fay if you haven't already. Sometimes, it hard to think of a logical consequence, and it's easy to say "Walk 2 laps!" but it works better in the end if the consequence is immediate and related to the "crime" lol! Hope that helps!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten