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Data Folders and Behavior Plan Freebie

Data Binder
This is just a picture of my data binder because it wouldn't apply to most people because of the sight word lists and Literacy First Skills.  However, I wanted to show you how simple it can be.  I (or possibly the students by the last half of the year) am going to color in their progress for each category.  The bold sections are the goals for first grade.  Sight words and math facts do not have a goal because the expectation is mastery.  I realize that the parents won't be able to tell what Literacy First skill 5 is, however they wouldn't know the difference between a digraph and a dipthong anyways, so why put extra words for confusion on there.  The majority of our parents are unsupportive and will probably end up throwing this away rather than returning it, so the less confusing the better.  (I am not exaggerating when I say I had an average of 5 students a week turn in homework last year.)

Behavior Log (*Freebie!)

Now this on is a freebie!  I realize everyone's classroom rules are different, however these rules are fairly generic and straight forward.  There are two behavior logs to a page.  The students will circle or color where their clothespin ended up (or card if you have a card system) and then circle the rule(s) that they broke.  At the end of the week mom or dad signs it and returns it.  My ultimate goal would be to keep track of all of this data so that when parent-teacher conferences roll around I can inform moms and dads that little Johnnie has left his seat without permission 20 of the last 25 days. That way they really get it.  This will also help me figure out the correlation for the little ones who spend the weekend at dad's house and have a horrible day on Monday.


  1. I love, love, love your data summary. Would you be willing to share with me?


    1. I am on my way to a bloggers, meet up but I will try to email it to you tonight or first thing tomorrow. :-)


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