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More TPT Goodies

I have 19 Halloween Math Centers available.  The picture above is a preview.  $1 each or $15 for all 19 centers! (Over 130 Pages!)

Topics Include:
Place Value
Greater Than/Less Than
Ordinal Numbers

First Grade Common Core

Above you will see samples of my Common Core packet.  I have created editable checklists for your classroom, 16 different mini math assessments, and "We Can" signs for all of the Common Core standards. 60+ Pages - $5!

First Grade Homework

This idea was from The Lesson Plan Diva As you will see in her post, she was not able to post her document because her whole team created it.  I saw the picture and ran with it.  32 Weeks of homework.  One page of literacy homework and one page of math homework each week.  Simple, easy to follow format. 
65 Pages - $5!


It's pretty straight forward.  37 pages - $3

Bump or Roll and Cover

Some people know it as Bump others call it Roll and Cover.  Either way it's a very popular game.  I have made 3-5 games for the following times of year:  Winter, Summer, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Spring, Easter, and May.
4-6 Pages each - $1


  1. Hi!
    I found your blog through your comment on CF classroom's blog.

    I love the idea for the homework! It would definitely save a lot of trees in my classroom!

    Is it an editable PDF? I only ask because I teach a high ELL population and I would have to tweak it so there were not so many words since there is a language barrier.

    Best wishes on your new blog!

  2. Hmmm...How do I make a PDF editable? Would I just post the Microsoft Word version instead?

  3. I also found your blog through your comment on CF Classroom's blog.

    I'm also new to blogging. I'll follow you if you follow me. I taught first for years and am going to post some of my ideas.

    Welcome to blogging and best wishes for a fantastic year!

    Grade Three is the Place For Me

  4. Great blog and great work. I'm trying to learn how to use publisher to make activities. Do you use Publisher? If not what do you use? I hope you don't mind me asking. I'm your newest follower. Please check out my blog if you get a chance @ Calling Plays in 2nd grade.


    1. Shanell, I use Word. I don't have Publisher. I'm now a follower! :-)


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