Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Plan of Attack: Guided Reading

Quick Side Note:  Our district follows an assessment program called Literacy First.  I feel like I just committed a crime by typing their name.  Apparently, it's quite a popular program and yet, no one talks about it!  I'm serious...Google it if you don't believe me.  You won't find much of anything.  Even their company website, doesn't tell you much.  The bottom line is that there are four categories of skills that you test:  Phonemic/Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Comprehension, and Fluency.  There is a continuum of skills that are assessed from Pre-K on.  Basically, you focus on the skill that they are on until they master it before moving on.  Some teachers decided that they would only focus on the skills during guided reading rather than putting real books in the kiddos' hands.

Guided Reading:  (60 minutes) That approach that I just mentioned above, didn't work for me.  I want to see my kiddos with books in their hands everyday!  I want to know without a doubt, who can read, and and who can't.  Why would I focus on each category separately, when I can put a book in their hand and focus on all of them?  I am choosing to guided reading groups four days a week.  Friday is going to be a catch up and assessment day for Literacy First.  Oh and since I'm not technically following Reading Street, I found a conversion chart for the Fountas and Pinnell levels.  I spent several hours sorting and labeling the books.  I also took the time to create a lesson plan for every book!

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