Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Plan of Attack: Sight Words

Sight Words:  Literacy First has their own list of sight words.  There are three lists actually.  List A and B have 100 words each and List C has 200 words (technically a 2nd grade skill).  They are also part of the continuum and technically cannot move onto one list before they complete the previous list and skills.  Well sending home 100 sight words at a time is a little overwhelming.  I took List A and List B and broke them down into lists of 10 words.  I numbered them accordingly (A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2, etc.).  I then created eight different activities for them to do and put them in a packet.

Activities Include:
Pencil, Crayon, Marker
Read, Trace, Write, Color
Sight Word Graphing
Roll, Read, Write
Word Search
Word Shapes
ABC Order & Fancy Handwriting
Unifix Cubes - The build words with Unifix Cubes and record how many cubes it took. (Almost like Legos for those hands-on boys!)

The kiddos will be assessed at the beginning of the year to see where they fall on the continuum.  I will give them the corresponding packet.  They will be required to finish two pages a day before they may choose a center.  Once they have completed the packet they will be able to be tested on those ten words.  If they pass, they move onto the next ten words and get to put a sticker on our class chart to show their progress. (Common Core Data Tracking) If they don't, they will get the same packet again.  Oh and I also printed the lists on 4"x6" index cards and placed them in the cheap photo albums from the dollar store.  Each kiddo will have one to bring back and forth to school to study from.  They will also have a data sheet to take home. (I haven't decided how often...maybe once a month?  That will be in another post.

Before you shun me for giving my students a "packet"...think about it.  They would do these activities at my word work station anyways, so why should I have to change papers at my station every week?  Why should I have to come up with three different activities for my word work station every week to target differentiation?  These packets are differentiation at it's best. And they are not just "worksheets" either.  Think about the manipulatives they are using...dice, crayons, pencils, markers, and Unifix Cubes.  I am targeting the hands-on learners along with the artistic learners.  We will see how it works, but I honestly suggest giving it a try.  Take your word lists and your activities and bundle them.  Work smarter not harder!  

Oh, and we had a wonderful volunteer stand at our photo copier for a week making the copies for all three first grade rooms.  I took an extra set of mailboxes that the teacher next door was getting rid of and labeled them for each list.

***Power Towers and Buzz!*** - I created Power Towers for the sight words.  I'm sure you have heard of the internet sensation.  Write words or math facts on disposable cups and the kids read them or solve the math fact.  If they are successful they start building a tower with their cups.  Buzz!  Has a variety of names. Just write sight words or math facts on popsicle sticks and add a stick that says Buzz!  Kiddos pull sticks, read the word or solve the problem and keep the stick if they are successful.  If they draw the Buzz! stick they have to put all of their sticks back.

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