Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Power Towers and Supply Storage

Power Towers - take disposable bathroom cups and write a math fact or sight word on the bottom.  If the kiddo can read the word or solve the problem they can keep the cup and begin building their tower.  I used the small Pringles cans and was going to cover them with card stock, until the hubster suggested Duct Tape!  It's not the best picture, but I already took the completed ones into school.

Supply Organization - Tool-turnabouts from Pampered Chef!  My mom was a PC consultant and we were able to get some through their outlet which made them affordable.  I have two for every table, one for me, and one for the writing center.  Instead of kitchen tools they hold, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, dry erase markers, and rulers.  (Markers, scissors, and glue are in baskets for supervised use.) They work great!  I have decided to turn their desks around so that they are inaccessible this year.  My first week last year, one of my teammates and I spent an entire evening cleaning out their desks and we found a dehydrated hot dog!!!!  I also managed to find dehydrated broccoli behind one of the bookshelves.  Ugh!  No more desks!  I will post pictures of the shelves and magazine holders that they will use for their materials as soon as I can get back into my room.


  1. Hi! I saw your blog on Pinterest and thought I would stop in to have a look. I love the idea of using the tool turnabouts for supplies. I have also considered turning my desks around, but I have storage space issues in my 2nd grade class because our cubbies are too small for text books/workbooks. Where do you store their folders, workbooks, reading books, etc...?

    1. I can't go into school for a while to take pictures because they are waxing our floors, but I have my desks set up into three groups and there is a shelf at the end of each group. This can be a bookshelf or a wire shelf. I then got magazine boxes from Ikea to hold their folders. Only buy your magazine holders from Ikea! They are $1.99 for 5! Unfortunately you can't have them shipped, but if you know a friend near an Ikea store have them ship them to you, I promise it's still cheaper than getting them anywhere else. :-)