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Here's my question...If a kiddo falls asleep in class do you let them sleep?

Last year, I let them sleep.  My philosophy is that they are 6 not 16 and if they are that tired, they need their sleep.  They aren't doing it to be disrespectful or because they are bored, they are doing it because they are exhausted.  (Most of the time it was because they spent the night/weekend at daddy's house and stayed up playing video games.)

But, what do you say when the principal walks in and sees Johnnie passed out on his desk?


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  2. I let them sleep too. And lucky for me our principal was an early childhood educator first so he understands the young kiddos. Usually if they're sleeping at school it's because they're not sleeping at home...
    Welcome to the blogging world! I will mention your blog this week so maybe you can grab a few more followers!

    First Grade @ Storybook Cafe

  3. I let my kiddos sleep. Like you said they are not doing it out of disrespect, they are just legitimately tired. My principal is also very understanding since I work in a high poverty/ at risk area, we know our kiddos don't have the best home life and may not get as much sleep as they need.
    Also, I try to call the parents and ask them if maybe there is a reason why their child would be sleepy in class. Typically the parents let me know that there was something going on. Then if there was a question from the principal I could let them know I had already been in contact with the parents.

  4. I am probably the world's meanest teacher, because I do wake them up. If they are tired a little later (like independent work or free time) then I let them sleep. I definitely call home though and ask parents why, though I am now careful with that because after one of those calls my sleepy little kiddo got sent to school with a cup of coffee the next day! I can't give any advice because since I wake them I have never had a principal find a kid sleeping.

  5. I would let them sleep and explain to the principal exactly what you said to us. We can't meet their educational needs if their personal needs aren't been made.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten


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