Saturday, July 21, 2012

Third Grade Homework!

I had no intention of making a third grade homework set, however someone requested it.  So here it is! 

This idea was inspired by The Lesson Plan Diva. She was unable to post her homework because her team made it. So I made my own. 

There is a page of literacy homework and a page of math homework for 32 weeks. There is also a homework helper to go along with it. Some questions repeat, but they are many weeks apart. 
It is Common Core aligned.

Literacy Topics include:*Identifying a correct sentence*Combining two simple sentences*Syllables*Contractions*Irregular Plural Nouns*Past Tense Verbs*Compound Words*Synonyms and Antonyms*Handwriting - Cursive*Analogies

Math Topics Include:*Word Problems*Rounding To The Nearest 10 and 100*Writing Numbers in Expanded Form*Writing Numbers in Word Form*Graphing*Addition and Subtraction - 2 and 3 digit*Perimeter and Area*Skip Counting - to promote multiplication facts.*Fact Families - Multiplication and Division*Fractions - dividing and shading shapes, fractions of a group, comparing fractions, equivalent fractions.

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