Monday, July 9, 2012

Xtra Math

Have you heard of Xtra Math?  If not, you MUST sign up!  It's completely free.  Enter all of your kiddos and print off the login cards and letter for parents.  Now your kiddos can login during centers, computer lab time, or at home and play fun math games.  The best part is that they keep track of which students are using it and what they are doing.  The activities progress in a certain order getting harder once mastery is achieved. (Differentiation!)  And the kiddos love the fun games and activities.  I am planning on having my kiddos use this once a week during computer lab to give them that extra push that they need.


  1. Yes, it is amazing!! I teach third and got our second grade team to start using it. My only wish is that there was a way to just start at multiplication...

    Grade Three is the Place For Me

  2. I can't wait to sign my kids up for this! I'm changing schools this year and they have a computer lab, where as at my old school it was in the library so we didn't really have access to it. So I was a little worried about keeping the kids busy for 45 min every other week. This should really help!! I'm a new follower!!