Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last Day of Summer Vacay, TPT Blues, and First Grade Fairytales Giveaway!

OMG Summer is over!!!!!!  I can't believe my alarm will be going off at 5a.m. tomorrow!  My plan for today is to get the house under control.  It needs to a good scrub, I have ironing to do, and about a million little things around the house that aren't in the right place.

Does anyone else do a final push to get their house in order before school starts?

Does anyone else get the post TPT sales blues?  This was my first sale and don't get me wrong I am happy with my sales, but I still didn't sell the products that I am most excited about.  For all of you expert sellers out there...what do you do when your cutest products don't sell?  Over the last few months, I tried selling my math centers separately for $1...fail!  I tried raising the price to $2...fail!  I tried combining them and selling them as a whole set for a deeply discounted price...fail!  I haven't sold any of them!  Any suggestions?

Ok, enough grumbling....on to the super exciting news!  Just in case you didn't get everything you wanted during the TPT sale, check out First Grade Fairytales!  She is having a $25 TPT gift card giveaway!  Hurry up and enter!

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  1. I'll buy some of your cute stuff! I love the Homework Helper pages I bought from you and blogged about them and left some nice feedback for you. Have not looked for fun stuff just yet, as was just trying to get practical stuff together for portfolios first. Your homework helpers will be grea in the classroom as well as in the homeschool setting. Will look through your store tomorrow morning and will buy some stuff. Will be glad to spread the word for you, as I am very happy with my purchases from you! Hope that you got to see the photo of how I shrank them so that two pages fit onto one.
    Well, will do some shopping tomorrow from your store. Don't get blue that some folks don't yet know, as they will know in due time! Have a happy weekend! Colleen :)
    Here is a link to my review where you are mentioned: