Thursday, August 2, 2012

Short A Jumbo Pack

I have been kind of sad that no one has bought my Short A Jumbo Pack. I went onto TPT and tried to verify the price...that's when I realized that I never posted it in my store!  Duh!!!  Here it is:

Short A activities that are differentiated for CVC or digraphs/blends.  Perfect for small groups or centers.  Aligns with Common Core.

13 Activities Included!
* Word Sort: Sort the word cards by their word family
* Memory: Use the word cards to play memory
* ABC Order
* Bingo: perfect for small groups
* Short A Maze: Help the boy get to school by coloring in the short a words to find a path.
* Sketch It: Draw a picture to represent each short a word.
* Name It: Set a timer and see how many short a words the students can name.
*Read, Trace, Write, Color
* Pencil, Crayon, Marker
* Roll, Think, Write: students roll a dice and think of a word that is in that word family. Nonsense words may be necessary.
* Short A Data Collection: color a square on the graph for each word that is found that is part of the word family.
*Word Search
*Word Shape

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