Friday, August 24, 2012

Survival of the Fittest!

Whew!  I survived the first week!  I have to say this is my least favorite week of teaching.  I hate teaching procedures and doing mushy gushy get to know you activities.  I realize it's important, but I want to teach the meat of it!  Thank heavens Monday we will begin our "real" units!

I ended up not getting a class list until the day school started and then three kiddos never showed up so I have 18!  That is so much nicer than the 25+ we were originally expecting based on last year's kindergartners!  Everyone kept saying how hectic the first day was.  I was convinced that it was only as hectic as you make it.  Sure enough I was right.  The first 15 minutes of hugs, kisses, and goodbye tears to mommies and daddies were the worst.  After that, I shut my door and conducted business as usual.  No chaos, no confusion, and no more tears.

I have to admit though, by Wednesday night I was beat!  I fell asleep before 8:00!  This 5:00a.m. wake up call is rough!

I have two stinkers and two who are oblivious.  Not too shabby.  They are quickly learning that I mean business and no monkey business will be tolerated.  The skill level of some of them is rather alarming, but we will work through it.  Some of them still need to recognize letters, realize they have sounds, and realize that there are lines on the paper for a reason.  :-)  "No, Johnnie, you can't write diagonally across the paper, nor can you write from right to left and use picture symbols."

Some funnies from the week:
*Me: "Tell me the sound that you hear at the beginning of the word 'pick'" Student:  "D*ck"
*Me reading a sentence for an assessment:  "Terry loves to play soccer."  Student:  "Oh, I have a Terry in my family, but he's in jail."

And now I hurry up and wait for magic day #10 when the district will decide how many teachers our building actually needs and if I am getting bumped to a new school or not.  Ugh!

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