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Trims are over and I'm safe!

"Trims" is what happens between the 5th and 10th day of school...the district looks at the numbers and decides if each building has too many teachers or needs more.  Well, long story short, I was the last one hired, so there was a lot of nail biting going on for these last 7 days.  After a very intense emergency staff meeting, all is well and I still keep my kiddos!  Hopefully they hire some new teachers next year so I'm not on the chopping block again.  It's wishful thinking, I know.

Knock on wood, my kids are pretty good!  It's all relative, but I haven't had a chair thrown in my room or one hide under furniture (unlike last year).  So I'm really excited!  The majority of them are still scared of the clothespin chart (unlike last year).  It's so funny, because they do slip up, and I correct them, but then laugh at myself because last year I would have been thrilled for someone to "only" do what they just did.

I started reading groups today which was rather interesting.  I have one or two who refuse to even try to sound out words.  Any suggestions?  They know what the letters sound like, but there is no effort given to try sounding it out on their own.  They also don't even attempt to do our motions during our phonics program.  I'm thinking maybe a pack of Smarties might be in order tomorrow as an incentive for trying.  Sound out a word, get a Smartie. :-)

Then, I had one break down in tears when he saw the book because he "can't" read.  Really?  Because I did 7 days of assessments and they told me you can read so let's try anyways.  Sure enough he read two whole pages!

Today was the first day I started meeting with guided math groups as well and I'm loving it!  It felt so good to  meet with the kiddos that need the extra help and know that at least I was trying to help them succeed.  I had the rest of my kiddos work at our three sets of desks and rotate about every 15 minutes.  Two tables worked on concept of number and the other table played a game from our math binders.  I am slowly introducing a game at a time so that eventually we will have covered all of the games and they can take their binder and work around the room.  I feel bad that they are at their desks right now for this hour, but I let them sit or stand while they work and I am just not ready to have beads and pipe cleaners (for concept of number) scattered on my floor.  Eventually I will give up control, but that just seems like too much right now.


  1. So glad those "trims" did not affect you!
    I would love to hear more about your Math Binders and Guided Math!
    Have a happy school year!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe


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