Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yippee!!! and Boo!

Sorry I haven't had any blog worthy moments lately.  I have been putting the finishing touches on my room and hopefully don't have to go back into school until next Wednesday when our in-service days start.  On an exciting note, we were told today that we will temporarily continue to have color ink available for printing!!!  This is huge!  I can finally start surfing TPT again for goodies!

On a bad note our district looks at numbers around the 10th day of school and can trim more positions.  I found out today that there are two grades that do not have enough kiddos to warrant the number of teachers they currently have.  Since I was the last one hired there is a chance that I will get trimmed and have to switch to another school that is in need of teachers.  Keep your fingers crossed that dozens of kiddos enroll by the time school starts on the 20th and no one has to get bumped!

For those of you that are just getting into your classrooms...I don't know how you do it!  I was there almost once a week this summer.  Good luck!

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