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I fell off the face of the Earth!

So sorry guys, I have been overwhelmed and under-energized this month!  Does anyone else wish they could just shut their classroom door and not let anyone in or out?  If I could just teach, my kids might learn something!  So far this month we have had:  picture day, early release day, fall break, Red Ribbon Week, report cards, conferences, and special meetings.  My little darlings also gave me bronchitis during all of this.  Then, two weeks ago, my mother in law had a massive stroke, ended up moving in with us and having Hospice help with care, then Friday she was rushed to the hospital and has been there all weekend because they can't figure out why she continues to have strokes.  Hubby has been at the hospital all weekend and will be going out of town the middle of this week.  Needless to say...I am exhausted!  I am sorry this little blog has been neglected, but so have the rest of the parts of my life!

Oh my word!  I can't believe I forgot to share my good the mi…

It's True...October is magical!

How is it possible that our district does not have any substitute teachers available? For three days this week, my teammate and I covered for our other teammate who was sick. (Legitimately sick, poor thing had no voice and we had to demand her to stay at home and rest.  I really do have the best team!  We do anything and everything we can for each other!) This meant bouncing her kids to and from each of our rooms for various activities. Our kiddos had no idea what was coming next because we just had to fit in whatever we could, whenever we could. Amazingly enough I think the only thing we missed out on was centers and guided reading! All other lessons were taught! Despite having an insane week I noticed some growth! Everyone said that a transformation happens to the kiddos in October and it's true! Suddenly they are a little more independent and helpful. This meant that I had some time this morning to whip up two ABC order centers! Check them out!

My First Linky Party

Hang in there!  I'm trying to start my first linky party!  As I stated in my previous post I plan my year with academic units.  My brain can't wrap around the idea of themes because "what do you include in a unit about apples?"  "How long do you do each theme?"  Think about these questions and post a list, chart, etc. that explains how you map out your year.  Don't forget to grab the picture below and link back to my blog!  Have fun!