Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sticker Stories and Thank you!

Thank you to all of my followers and buyers!  Cyber Monday and Tuesday are wrapping up on TPT and I appreciate your support!

As for sticker stories...My teammate was out sick today and of course the sub didn't show up.  I agreed to take her kiddos with some help from our computer teacher.  Thank heavens she was available.  Nearly 40 kiddos in one very tiny room is enough to make anyone go crazy.  Adaptation and patience were the words of the day.  Centers were completely out of the question due to the number of kiddos, so I decided to try sticker stories.  Luckily, it was brand new to both classes and they loved it!  I grabbed my Dollar Tree sticker books and told them they could pick three stickers to add to their paper.  Then, they added details to their pictures and wrote a sentence or two.  Voila!  Perfect activity!  I got nervous when some of the stickers weren't sticky anymore, but I passed out a few glue sticks and the kiddos never flinched.  They had some really creative ideas to incorporate the stickers.  One boy decided he was going to use a football helmet, jersey, and cleats for his stickers and then he added in the details to make it look like a person was wearing all of those things.

What's your go to activity in a pinch?

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