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Flat Tire Contest Answers!!!

Unfortunately no one guessed why my tires went flat.  However, I am going to give everyone that participated my main idea activity.  I appreciate everyone's support.

Front Tires: Tires come with barcode stickers that often fall right where the tires seal.  Occasionally, the sticker actually prevents the seal from being perfectly sealed.  Whenever I parked my car with the sticker towards the ground, the seal broke and let the air out.

Back Tire:  A key punctured it.

Follow My Friend!

My teaching buddy from "the 3rd floor" started a teaching blog this week.  Check it out and start following!  She is one of those "super fun" teachers who always has great ideas!

Flat Tire Contest!

Did the title catch your attention?  I have had not 1, not 2, but 3 flat tires in about the last 2 1/2 weeks.  The first two were the front tires, neither of which were punctured.  Today it was the back one and it was punctured.  I will give the first person to guess why any of the tires were flat, my new Winter Inference Detectives packet for free.  Leave a comment with your guess.

For the record, I have the worst luck with tires!  A few years ago, I got a flat tire and road side assistance put the spare on.  The only problem was they didn't check the spare and after they left I ended with a flat spare.  One more thing, I highly discourage anyone from buying a vehicle with low-profile tires!