Monday, January 7, 2013

Flat Tire Contest Answers!!!

Unfortunately no one guessed why my tires went flat.  However, I am going to give everyone that participated my main idea activity.  I appreciate everyone's support.

Front Tires: Tires come with barcode stickers that often fall right where the tires seal.  Occasionally, the sticker actually prevents the seal from being perfectly sealed.  Whenever I parked my car with the sticker towards the ground, the seal broke and let the air out.

Back Tire:  A key punctured it.


  1. So, both the front and the back tires have problems. No wonder no one got it! :D Have you fixed the problems already? I used to repair punctured tires by myself. I’m unusually fond of circling the punctured part of the tire with chalk so as not to lose it, though some recommend for the tire to be professionally patched from the inside. How about you? -->Rita McCall

  2. A key was also the reason behind my flat tire. I just changed my tire last November, but unfortunately, that key shortened its life. :/ I’m crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t encounter any mishaps any time soon. I want my tires to last long, so I could see if the brand I chose is really of great quality.

    Enoch Ross