Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flat Tire Contest!

Did the title catch your attention?  I have had not 1, not 2, but 3 flat tires in about the last 2 1/2 weeks.  The first two were the front tires, neither of which were punctured.  Today it was the back one and it was punctured.  I will give the first person to guess why any of the tires were flat, my new Winter Inference Detectives packet for free.  Leave a comment with your guess.

For the record, I have the worst luck with tires!  A few years ago, I got a flat tire and road side assistance put the spare on.  The only problem was they didn't check the spare and after they left I ended with a flat spare.  One more thing, I highly discourage anyone from buying a vehicle with low-profile tires!


  1. Cold air takes up less space (lower pressure) than hot air. When the temperatures cool, the air in tires condenses, taking up less space and exerting less pressure on the tires.

    The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago.

    That's my guess, anyway!

  2. That was what I thought (about the front tires) for 9 months! Too bad it was happening in the summer as well. We kept filling them up and they kept occasionally going flat. Feel free to keep guessing.

  3. Do you live in or near a neighborhood with a lot of construction? We moved in when our neighborhood was relatively new, and there was tons of construction. We ended up with 3 flat tires in a month because of nails that we drove over. So that's my guess, nails?

    Using My Teacher Voice

  4. Back tire- punctured by glass.
    Front two tires, you hit a curb and your low profile tires lost air.

    I have no idea about cars and their parts! Haha.

  5. The front two could have been valve stem leaks and the back one could have been a screw....

    I know nothing about tires and had to get the information from my hubby who has a million other ideas! Thank God I married a man who knows about cars and other "guy stuff".


  6. Um... let's see how about a toothpick... no just kidding. Ummmm next guess.....a paperclip??
    I have my teaching hat on, so I am thinking school supplies..... scissors or push pin??

  7. No correct guesses so far...I will keep it open until midnight Sunday. Guess as many times as you like. :-)

  8. I am guessing that you are not the best parker and hit the curb a few times.

    Drowning in Paperclips

  9. You hit something and it caused the front tires to leak...and the back one you ran over something???

    Otherwise... I don't have a clue. haha

  10. Donna, yes I ran over something with the back tire, the question is what... :-) Still no correct guesses everyone, keep guessing!

  11. My husband and I were guessing that someone let the air out of your two front tires. The back tire you ran over broken glass? All I can think is how bad I feel that you had 3 flat tires in such a short time period! It is one of my biggest fears to have a flat tire...can't even imagine 3!


  12. Front tires - did you get ice between the tire and the rim? Back - Could you have run over an industrial staple, screw, or bolt? Those are the three things that I have hit and ended up with a flat. :0 So sorry you had three flat tires! Yikes!


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  14. So how did they pop? heheh!
    That sucks btw! Hope your week gets better...but hey- if a flat tire is the worst luck you have than you are still pretty lucky!! :)

  15. The answers were posted on my latest blog post. Check it out. :-)