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Talking Word Wall?!

Did anyone else see this pin on Pinterest?

Click on the link and head on over to "A Perfectly Poetic Page" and check out the video.  You can use these special stickers and a Smart Pen to hear anything.  You place a sticker on something, record what you want it to say, and then the kiddos can walk around the room and touch the stickers (with the pen) and hear whatever you recorded!  So cool!  The stickers aren't expensive, the pens are.

Super Bowl Sunday Sale and Updates!

Most importantly, check out my shop tomorrow, February 3rd, and get 20% off from me, and another 10% off from TPT!  I am hoping to add a few new items by then as well.  (Pssst...I actually am going to run my 20% off sale starting today through Monday) Don't miss it!  This will be the first time ever that I am excited about Super Bowl Sunday!
100th Day Fun! Pinterest is wonderful, however, it creates more work for me because some ideas, I simply cannot resist.  Like this one...I numbered Hershey Kisses 1-100 and placed them around my room.  The kiddos had a hundreds chart and went on a scavenger hunt.  They colored in the square that matched each number that they found.  It was so much fun!  Then, I had them each take 5 Kisses and place them on their desk.  If they were not following the rules, I made them pay me a Kiss!  Check out these photos of Hershey Kisses in hiding.

Focus Walls I update my focus walls throughout each unit, but never thought to take show them off.  Silly me!  …