Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fractionpillars & Text Mapping

We have been sooo busy!  We began discussing fractions in math and did this cute activity to go along with it.  You can grab the paper from The First Grade Parade.  Cara's blog is fabulous!

Text Mapping

In reading, we have been focusing on non-fiction text features.  Our students are required to know: table of contents, photographs, illustrations, bold words, and headings by the end of first grade.  We worked hard on it for 20 days and then did this awesome activity to summarize what we had learned.  It is called Text Mapping.  You can find out more about it here.  We copied 6 non-fiction books and taped each one into a long scroll.  We then went to the gym to lay it out and start our scavenger hunt.  We "mapped" or circled/highlighted each text feature in a different color.  The first day we only worked on one book.  The next day we headed back to the gym and got into teams of 4.  Each team had their own book to map.  I called out a color and a text feature and they worked as a team to find all of them.  It was neat to hear all of those "big kid" words being used. "No, that picture looks real, it's a photograph.  We need to find illustrations."  

I took one of our books and cut it in half to display it in the hall.

I created a color coded chart to display with it so that our fellow students and teachers knew what we were working on.

Yes, I know these books are not "first grade friendly".  However, our focus for this activity was on the text features, not on comprehending what we were reading.  Comprehension of non-fiction books occurs during small groups and the previous 20 days of this unit.  ;-)

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