Monday, April 15, 2013

Love...According To A 7 Year Old

"Love is caring, hoping, and growing. Love is wisdom and sharing feelings. Love is dreaming and healing."

Yes, one of my kiddos wrote that!  No, seriously!  He did!  He just turned 7 last week!  

We finished up our report unit a little early so I wrote "Love is..." on the board and sat back to see what would happen.  I had the typical "Love is when mommy makes breakfast."  "Love is hugs and kisses."  And then...I got that darling little number up top.  The only thing I helped him with (when it was already done) was a stray period and removing that pesky silent e in the words caring, hoping, and sharing.

What 7 year old uses the word wisdom?!  He is such a cool kid!  

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