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Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale!

I am going to start my sale a little early and put everything on sale this afternoon.  I will be offering 20% off and TPT will offer another 10% off that Monday and Tuesday. Be sure to use the code "CYBER" to get the full discount!  I also posted a few new products, so be sure to take a peek.  

Writers' Workshop Unit 2 - Personal Narrative

I'm alive!  What a whirlwind this school year has been!  We have gone through a variety of changes and they are still coming!  Our school is getting a new third grade teacher this week.  Can you imagine having your class shuffled 10 weeks in?  We are trying desperately to get into a routine in our building and it just keeps slipping out of our grasp.  
I finally snuck in some time to work on items for TPT and uploaded my second Writers' Workshop Unit - Personal Narrative.  I am so excited to have it done!  Hopefully, I can work on unit three and get it uploaded before Thanksgiving!
I love fall!  This is the first fall in Oklahoma in the last few years that has actually happened.  The grass is green, the air is crisp, and the trees are beautiful.  Normally, everything is dead from our hot, dry summer and it leads to a gloomy winter with not much of a transition.  Last year, we didn't even have measurable snow.  Maybe, I can sneak my kids outside for some extra recess this w…