Saturday, February 8, 2014

Data Walls, Valentine's Day Base-10 Activity, Math Milestone

Teachers are being encouraged to focus on data more and more these days.  Our team wanted to show that we were looking at data without it taking over our lives.  We made several data walls in our hallway to show where our kiddos are.  Each class has a different animal with their class numbers on them so that the kiddos stay as anonymous as possible.

Here is our guided reading wall.  It continues down through the letter M which would be the end of second grade level.

Our district also adopted Scholastic's iRead program which could be a post entirely by itself.  The kiddos are marked as "red-far below grade level," "yellow-below grade level," or "green-on grade level". Unfortunately you can see where the majority of our kiddos are based on Scholastic, but we are working hard and each week more and more kiddos get out of the "red".

We created five levels of writing for our kiddos to consider.  We made an example for each level of writing and the corresponding picture.  We move our kiddos along the wall as their writing improves.

My teaching buddy was out sick last week so we combined our classes and went into survival mode.  We got our lessons done and even managed to squeeze in this fun project.  We introduced base-10 blocks last week and made a number line from 10-60 out of hearts.  We connected the hears with a paperclip and used string to hang them up in the hall.  I am still not sure how we survived with 44 kiddos and no recess thanks to the weather.  

Our district adopted Engage NY math and although it took some getting used to our kiddos are sailing in math right now.  We started out the year focusing on pre-k math activities and now we are cruising right along.  We have been working on subtraction and word problems for an eternity and I couldn't stand the thought of standing in front of them explaining each step over and over again.  I decided to see what they know and let them loose with the problem of the day.  "Bill has 18 toy cars.  10 fit in the box.  How many do not fit in the box?"  We read the problem three times together to make sure they understood it and then I sat at a table with my roll of stickers and waited...

"Bill has ten cars in the box and now there are 8 toy cars not in the box."

"Bill has 8 cars not in the box."

I was amazed!  They didn't all look like this, but everyone had a picture, math, and words!  Even my little peanut who always needs help, sneaked over to help a friend "when I wasn't looking". Who would have thought they were actually listening to me this whole time?

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