Monday, February 3, 2014

Life Happened - Baby, New Floors, Dog Surgery, etc.

I know I have completely neglected all of you the last few months, but I have a good reason...I promise! Baby Leib is due July 1st!  I was sick and exhausted this fall.  I would come home from school and curl up in bed for the night.  
During Christmas break we got new flooring for the house!  This is the first "big" remodel for the house (not counting paint and so forth) and it was a huge undertaking.

Right after the floors got done, I thought Sadie had a bug bite on her leg and took her to the vet just to be sure.  They took a look and found abnormal cells so she stayed at the vet for surgery.  Keep in mind this spot was the size of a dime. It would be no big deal, we would come back in 7-10 days, have the stitches removed and she would be as good as new.  Sadie had other plans.  She ripped 3, yes 3, sets of stitches out, including one set of steel stitches.  The morning she ripped out the steel stitches I woke up to a puddle of blood in our bed.  An emergency phone call to the vet at 4:30 and weeks later, we are still healing. Bandages, cones, bitter apple spray, you name it we have tried it and she just won't leave it alone.  We probably have another few weeks of healing.  She is an emotional wreck and I spent 3 weeks sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the living room with her so that she wasn't jumping on the bed and tearing her leg up more.  

We also bought new office furniture and are still trying to get all of our junk put away.  (Pictures soon!)

My mom is coming out for spring break and I can't wait!  We are going to go baby shopping!  I miss living close to her so that we could go shopping whenever we wanted.

That's my crazy life!  We are getting everything ready for the baby and for next school year as I won't be taking any time off.

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