Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord!

Still no baby!  I go back to the doctor tomorrow and we will figure out what the plan is.

We have been working like crazy getting things done around the house this week.  Hubster is also on his summer break so we always use this time to get caught up.  We even got the garage cleaned up the other day.

I trimmed trees yesterday morning by the barn and the little kittens discovered a new playground.  That would be a kitten on the roof of the barn!  I thought maybe they were stuck up there, but the mom has been going up and down and I have seen a few kittens come down so I think they are fine.  They certainly found a cool and shady spot to play.

I have a fabulous teammate!  We normally print the picture dictionaries for writing each month and pass them out to the kiddos.  Well, she decided to print them, put them in page protectors, and put them right in their writing folder this year.  And the best part...she offered to do mine for me too!

We have started using Engage NY for math and it requires a trillion copies!  It is free online or you can buy workbooks that have everything printed.  The district, hears "free", and assumes it costs less to copy than to buy.  Who know what the cost difference is, but I know the amount of time it takes!  Not to mention the fact that our copiers never work.  The district is in the process of replacing all of the copiers, but of course we are at the bottom of the list and won't see them until some time in 2015.  Our principal heard our frustration and made a phone call to the district's copy center.  They made all of our copies, and are sitting in 95 boxes waiting for us.  I consider it a going away present from him to us. (He is retiring next week.)

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