Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tried and True Thursday!

I have said it before and I will say it again...Magazine Files from Ikea!  They used to be $1.99 for a pack of 5, now they are only $1.49.  I know they are not as cute as the colorful ones from all of our teaching catalogs, but who really want to pay that much for them to be cute?  I use labels to keep myself organized and I use them all over my room.  I use them for my center games, my library, the shelves at the end of each group to store their folders.  EVERYWHERE!  Yes, they get damaged as the year goes on, but you can replace them without hurting your wallet.

One more for you...Velcro and felt!  I (my mom) covered my bulletin boards with black felt so that I don't have to wrestle the ginormous rolls of paper every year to redo my boards. I then used Velcro on the back of everything I wanted to hang so that it stays and I can easily move it when I need to.  My word wall is also done in Velcro so that the kiddos and I can add and remove words as necessary. (One bonus tried and true tip... label your word wall words on the back so that you can keep them organized.  Use the unit that you introduce them with, the week of school, number them in order, etc. Do something so that you don't have to waste 10 minutes searching for the word "of"!)  Our building hates all things sticky tack, masking tape, Scotch tape, nothing stays for more than a day.  I don't know if it is the humidity or what, but Velcro is the way to go.  I use the dots more than anything.  Shop around because Velcro is expensive and varies state to state.  Velcro is half the prince in PA that is in OK so my mom shops for it in PA and brings it out with her when she comes.  My teammates and I just reimburse her when she gets here.  

Did I mention we also have been known to have my grandma shop in IL at Ikea for us? It is quite possible that one time, my grandma met my mom on the highway in IL when my mom was driving from PA to OK and they put all the Ikea items in my mom's car so she could finish transporting them.  (Did someone say bootlegging?)


  1. Great ideas! I get my velcro at A.C. Moore. I wait for a good coupon-today there is one for 55% off! Combine that with the teacher discount (show your Teacher ID) and it becomes much more affordable.

  2. Great post! I did not know about Ikea having those and now I will have to get them and let the kids decorate their own boxes for guided reading groups. Just found your blog on The Teaching Tribune and follow you now through Reeder!
    Deb at Fabulously First

    1. I'm so excited you found me. I am not great at blogging, but have been working really hard at it these last few weeks. It was a summer goal of mine, baby steps. :-)

  3. I'm getting ready for my first year and was planning out my bulletin board. I had never thought about using velcro but I'm excited to give it a try!!