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Back To Schools Sale...take two!

One more chance to get anything you forgot!

Back To School Sale and Insanity!

I know, I know, it's been over two weeks since I posted, but I promise I have good excuses.

First, let's talk about the fun stuff. TPT is hosting the annual Back To School Sale today and tomorrow! Make sure you stop by and get 20% off my store plus an extra 10% off by using the code below for a total of 28% off the original prices!

So in the last two weeks... 1) My mom came out for a week long visit. 2) Wyatt ended up at the hospital twice and the doctor once because he was too weak to nurse. 3) Mom and I took a whirlwind three day trip to IL so my grandparents could meet their first great grandchild. 4) And I was offered and accepted a job teaching third grade!
What?! Yes, last Friday I received information about a job that is 2 miles from my house instead of 45! I had all of my copies done for first grade, all of my lesson plans, everything. But, more time with the little man is the most important thing right now. Goodbye hour long commute, hello 4 minute commute.
I feel bey…