Monday, January 12, 2015

Reading and Thinking

We have a little LOT of trouble remembering what we read.  We tend to recite the words on a page and not bother to process anything.  When the questioning standard came around I scoured Pinterest to find an activity to hold my kids accountable.  We focus on each standard for a week (and then review in small groups of course).  This week, I chose a book for each day and traced these giant thought bubbles onto butcher paper.  I asked my kiddos to come up with a question either before, during, or after reading.  They got so excited when they realized I was writing it on the thought bubble.  They were proud of their questions, and showed ownership.  They were finally listening and thinking!  We put them up in the hall for a while and they had fun pointing out their questions to their friends in other classrooms.  I know it's simple, but it was worth it!  They woke up and realized what it truly means to read.

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