Thursday, January 1, 2015

Writing About Our Opinion

Our school has implemented a "Writing Of The Month".  Each month a type of writing is chosen and focused on by the entire school (even Pre-K).  They haven't had a strong focus on writing in the past, so I have decided to have fun with it.  I try to incorporate a project with each writing piece so that the kiddos have something else to look forward to.  Boy do I have some writers in my room!  November's topic was opinion or persuasive.  

We read the following books:

I then had my kiddos choose what animals they wanted to write about and copied the book pages for them.  They had to find at least three reasons they wanted that hair or those teeth.  They had so much fun!  Then we made this cute little craftivity to go along with it, thanks to a couple other teacher bloggers.

This one comes out in February 2015!  Mark your calendars!

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