Friday, July 10, 2015

Target Dollar Spot Back To School Finds!

I had to go half way across the country to PA in order to see the new stuff in the Target Dollar Spot, but it was worth it! Check out the cute stuff I found!

I think I am going to put letters on these out in the hall where we display our work...or maybe put my name outside my classroom with them.

These jars were cute,  I have no other excuse for purchasing them, but I thought maybe they could hold paper clips, thumbtacks, etc.

We use these dry erase pockets all the time for centers! I dont't take a grade for center work, so I make 4-5 copies of the center paper and slide them in the dry erase pockets to be reused.

These little buckets look like pencils. (They had notebook paper ones too, but the two Targets I went to only had one each.) I am going to use them for my professional development workshop that. I am putting on at the end of July for a neighboring district. I am so excited for this opportunit as it is the first time that I will be presenting outside of my school! I am going to provide pens,ost its and of course chocolate in the middle of the tables.

We have a couple other Targets in the area, so we may try to hit them upover the next few days. Keep tour eyes peeled because there are burlap banners, burlap letters, chalkboard clips, notebook paper gift tags. Oh and my favorite thing were these little notebook paper gift bags. I resisted the urge to get them because I had no idea what I would use them for, but they are adorable! Happy shopping!