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Fractions and Place Value Flipbooks Now Available!

I have two more flipbooks to offer you!  Take a peek at our Place Value and Fractions Flipbooks that are now available!

Now Featuring Flipbooks!

The drought has stopped!  I finally had some creative juices flowing and came up with 11 new products!  Spring Break does wonders for your brain!  Check out my new ELA and Math Flipbooks!  All of the addition facts from 1-10 are available as well as a bundle.  Click on either picture below to head to the flipbook category of my store.

Sunday Savings: 3/13/16

Target has board games on sale, buy two get one free.  Grab classroom favorites such as Bananagrams, Connect Four, or Jenga and turn them into educational games for your room.  I wrote math facts on Connect Four pieces and Jenga pieces for an easy game center in my room.

Target also has Easter eggs and grass on sale this week, making it cheaper than Dollar Tree!  I used some grass and eggs to make a sensory bin for Little Man.  I use the eggs in my classroom to match math facts or hide a question inside.

HP Instant Ink Program is great!  If you have one of their specified printers, you can sign up to have ink automatically shipped to your house or classroom every month for as low as $2.99.  You get to choose the plan that works for you based on the average number of pages you print each month.  No more running out of ink at 9 p.m. when you have one last page to print.

Walmart has 55" stability balls on sale for $5.99!  This is an awesome price!  Grab a few for your classroom whi…

Tech Tuesday - Flocabulary

Flocabulary is a hip hop/rap website focusing on vocabulary in the classroom.  I pick out my Flocabularies (yes, I made up that word) for the week and the kiddos are thrilled.  They ask for them and are thoroughly disappointed when they haven't made one for the topic we are covering that week.  The money rap is by far our favorite!  They had it memorized and belted it out every morning when we started math during those lessons.  The non-fiction text features one is also pretty awesome.  I typically use the Flocabularies at the beginning of each lesson so that they review what we talked about.  They would much rather sing along than even talk to their neighbor about our topic.  

We used the multiplication raps in order for 1-2 weeks for each set of facts.  This really helped the kiddos memorize their facts.  Check out this one on YouTube.  Don't worry, Flocabulary doesn't actually run through YouTube.  They just have a YouTube channel for you to check out some of their rap…

Tech Tuesday: Epic Books

Have you heard of Epic?  It is an amazing way to get kiddos excited about reading.  The best part's free for teachers!  Sign up with your school email address and gain access to over 10,000 digital books.  You can even make up to 36 accounts for your students that they can customize with their interests and ability levels.  Take a peek below to see a small sample of what they have to offer.
 Do you see the chapter books?  Did you notice the non-fiction?  What about those classroom favorites like Eric Carle and Click, Clack, Moo?  These aren't just random books that no one has heard of, they are the best of the best.   The curriculum books are a fantastic way to incorporate literacy into every subject.  There are more science and math books than you could ever imagine.

My kiddos have been working on animal brochures on either penguins or polar bears.  I did a quick search, marked all of the books, I thought might work, as favorites and handed the iPads off to small gro…