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Online Presentation Reflection

I explored two different online presentation tools this week and created classroom ready projects for both.

Padlet was up first.  Padlet is a collaborative digital bulletin board.  People from anywhere around the world with internet access and permission can add material to the board for everyone to view in real time.  This creates a wonderful way to have a class discussion, work on a group project, or collect work samples for display.  Learning about continents and oceans in first grade can be very challenging for our students as many of them don't know their own address, let alone anything about the rest of the world.  If we were to create a group project we could upload our findings to Padlet to keep track of our learning.  I believe with some practice, even a first grader could learn to use Padlet by the end of the year.  Click on my sample Padlet below:

Padlet would also be an easy way for students to document their learning with a photo or answer a question rather than using whiteboards.  It gives everyone the opportunity to have a "voice" without having to speak at all.  This is very beneficial for your shy students that are unsure about offering an answer.  Digital portfolios could also be created for each student to document their learning throughout the year.  After speaking with other teachers about this app, the main downside is that students do not have to write their name in order to post.  This leads to students anonymously  making inappropriate posts.  Other than that, I believe this would be a great tool.

Adobe Spark Video was the second tool for this week.  I chose to focus on cause and effect as it is one of the more challenging reading comprehension areas for first graders.  I try to introduce reading topics without a book so that students feel successful before getting bogged down with actual text.  I find that once students realize they experience cause and effect all the time, they are better able to apply it to what they are reading.  I searched online for creative commons licensed images that students could relate to.  I then uploaded them to Adobe Spark and added my voice to each slide.  The entire process was simple and fast which is what we need for tech based lessons for our students.  I believe that upper elementary students would easily be able to complete a video using this tool.
You can check out my video here.

Implementation In My Classroom:
Implementation of these tools at my school may be challenging.  Our computers at school are outdated and many do not have microphones or working headphones.  In order to properly record a video, students would have to use an iPad and even those are not up to date.  We are currently not 1:1 in our building, so students would have to share devices.  I believe using these tools to complete a group project would be our best bet.  Both of these tools would be end of the year projects for my students as many cannot read when they come to me.  Navigating the internet would be challenging, but with proper guidance, I believe we could get it done.  This may be a great project to focus on during centers so that I could meet with one small group at a time.  


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