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7 Back To School Lunch Tips

Heading back to school is tough, especially when you have to plan ahead for lunch.  Here are a few tips to help you get organized with the back to school lunch routine.

1. Find the school lunch menu. Some schools send home a lunch menu and others just post their menu online.  Sit down with your child and write the menu items your child enjoys on your home calendar (less papers to keep track of) or circle the days they would like to buy lunch on the printed menu.  This way, you know ahead of time which days you need to pack lunch and which days you don't need to worry about it.  Parents have no idea how little their students eat at school.  Most of their bought lunches get thrown away and approximately half of the milk never even gets opened.  We are unable to return milk at our school once it leaves the cooler.  We throw gallons of milk away everyday that was never even touched.  Please make sure your child is actually going to eat the lunch your are paying for.

2. Put a reminder …

7 Times Not To Send Your Child To School

Teachers love their students more than parents will ever understand.  We love seeing their bright and cheery smiles every morning.  However, when you put that many people in a small room for each day, you are bound to share germs.  We simply cannot Lysol our rooms enough.  If kids say they are sick, they probably are.  Please believe them.  Please remember that we take all of their germs home to our families as well.  It's very difficult for us to take a sick day because the work doesn't simply sit on our desk waiting for us.  We have to come to school and get plans and materials ready. Each doctor and school has their own guidelines, but here are some basics.

If your child has had a fever within the last 24 hours please let them stay home.  It doesn't matter if you gave them medicine and it brought it down.  Keep in mind, the medicine will wear off by lunchtime and they will be miserable again.

If your child was vomiting or had diarrhea, keep them at home.  They are conta…

5 Steps To Help You Integrate Art Into Your Classroom

Choose A Time
Choose which subject you would like to integrate art into and what day.  In my classroom, this is Math on Friday.  I am not a "crafty" teacher by nature.  My teaching partners are much better at including art projects into their plans.  I decided on Fridays, after our lesson we would do a math related craft instead of meeting with small groups.  Friday is an easy choice for me because it is jeans day, it's relaxed, and we are wore out from a busy week.

Create A Subject Overview
I created an outline of our math that includes the month and the topic for the week.  This way, I knew that I needed a place value craft for October and a shape craft for December.

Pinterest is your best friend!  I saved ideas that I found to a Pinterest board so that I could reference them later when I was ready to create or download if a template was available.  Think of a variety of terms, to search for and sometimes less specific is better.  Halloween Place Value Crafts m…

5 Classroom Supplies To Buy At Sam's Club

So many teachers forget about purchasing classroom supplies at Sam's Club.  We all think about Wal-Mart or Target or even Amazon, but Sam's Club often has an even better price.  Prices will depend on the day and your location, but these are the items that I tend to purchase at Sam's. White Out Tape
Cardstock Colored Paper
Glue Sticks
10 Drawer Carts

Dry Erase Markers

8 Ways to Speed Up Classroom Transitions

Have Materials Ready Line up all of your lesson materials on an open table for easy access.  We start our math lesson off with a fact fluency song every morning, so I use this time to get materials out.  2-3 minutes is typically all it takes for me to grab the necessary boxes and line them all up.

Bowls I also have a stack of large bowls in my room that I can fill up with anything to enable everyone to reach the materials.  If we are using pattern blocks, I can place 6 bowls of blocks out rather than asking everyone to grab 1 red trapezoid, 2 yellow hexagons, etc. 

Split Up Boys & Girls Have your boys go put their paper in their mailbox, while the girls put their clipboards away.  Then switch.  This automatically cuts traffic in half and speeds the process up.  The same rule applies when working with partners.  Have partner 1 go get dry erase materials for both people, while partner 2 gets the necessary papers & supplies.

Use Music Websites such as Flocabulary, YouTube, Amazon …